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Dingi Life helps you to simplify your day to day life with access to all
important information at your fingertips. Available for FREE

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Be it finding the nearby restaurants for you or be it a real time update of your choice of route (using car, bus, on foot or train) or be it helping you to navigate to your destination, Dingi's map and location based technology helps you to simplify your daily travel with your vehicle or public transport as well as timetable and price for intercity trains. With Dingi Life, you have direct access to nearby services (i.e. handyman, bazar) and access to emergency utility phone numbers. With Dingi, you make your life simple.

Enhanced Search

Our enhanced search allows you to pinpoint any location around Bangladesh with our one stop searchbar.

Search Places, Areas & More

Our enhanced search will help you find any location with just a few taps.

Search Addresses

Searching for an address in a complex Dhaka city has never been so easy.

Plan your Journey

Plan your trip inside the city or inter-city with our journey planner built for you.

Inside the city

Our trip planner will help you get around the city with city buses and save time.

Intercity Train & bus

Dingi life has the most comprehensive information about city bus.

Navigation & Traffic

Our seamless navigation & traffic service will allow you to navigate anywhere inside Bangladesh.

Live Traffic

Save time & avoid traffic jam with Dingi life's live traffic information of the city and nearby.

Navigate to Destination

Dingi Life provides you the best ways to your destination with Bangla and English voice overs.


Get your daily problems solve with out lifestyle services and manage your life better.

Find Your Nearby Handyman

Get handymans for wide range of services including electrician, plumbers and much more efforlessly

Order Your Daily Bazaar

Get your Ferrywala at your door who can deliver essential goods such as milk, vegitables, eggs and much more

Add Your Service

Dingi Life gives you the best ways to connect with your customers and enhance your business

Explore & Discover

Explore and discover Restaurants, Shopping Mall, Hospital, ATMs & Other Places Of Interest.

Discover Places

Be an ATM, Bank, Restaurants or Mobile recharge point, Dingi life has everything.

Give Feedback

Loved that restaurant? Or The food wasn’t much tasty? Give your feedbacks about places to help.


Dingi Life is based on a locally grown map, namely Dingi Map. We rely on crowd-sourced data to enrich our map everyday. You can be a part of this initiative to build a world-class map for Bangladesh. So start it by adding your nearby places in Dingi Life and we will add those tio Dingi Map with proper acknowledgement. Lets make the finest local map.

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